Our Mission

Helping landlords AVOID & CURE HPD Lead Violations

NYC Lead Experts

About Us

NYC Lead Experts was established to provide lead compliance and support services to the underserved market of small property owners faced with HPD lead violations.

Our clients range from co-op owners to multi-family owners who count on us to guide them thru the complex process of compliance with NYC lead rules.

Our unique approach to providing each client individualized attention is what sets us apart from standard lead firms – we go beyond just providing clients the results of XRF testing, by hiring NYC Lead Experts to handle all your lead testing needs – you can count on us to answer any questions you may have regarding positive readings, working with you to build a strategic plan for your property to save money while becoming compliant – access to our database of lead abatement firms we trust and know will offer you affordable abatement rates – assistance on exemption filings and more.

We pride ourselves on sharing our expertise from working on a wide range of projects and property types with our clients so they can cure and avoid future HPD lead violations.